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I was going through my book shelves and came across some really neat books to help with understanding God’s Word rightly divided so I decided to share here and on our social media platforms. Here goes:

Growing in God's Grace


Growing in God’s Grace by John Fredericksen – Equipping the believer for the challenge of a lifetime.


Studies in James


Studies in James by Paul M. Sadler – Explores the epistle of James from the standpoint of the Word, rightly divided.


Acts Dispensationally Considered


Acts Dispensationally Considered Vol. 1-4 by C. R. Stam ~ the “book between” …fits perfectly between the four gospels (our Lord’s earthly ministry) and grace (our Lord’s heavenly ministry).


I hope this info helps and as time permits, I will post more books and/or resources. Come join us 8/22/2014 for Open Forum on our conference line as we discuss dispensationalism using C. R. Stams’ classic book “Things That Differ…The Fundamentals of Dispensationalism” as a reference. If interested, send an email via our contact page.

Things That Differ

I pray you can make it so lets have fun learning and sharing God’s Word rightly divided with each other.’

Works by Other Grace Authors

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