We are please to introduce you to our Contributors; the people who write, proofread, edit and publish the articles on RDT.


This RDteam is the true talent behind the Contributors. They diligently study the Scriptures, comparing Scripture with Scripture to provide rightly divided articles for our edification.

James Copeland


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Chris Perfetto

Chris & Luci

I was the worst kind of unbeliever… the religious kind.  I went to church, lived a moral life, and gave to charities, all the time thinking God would surely be lucky to have a great guy like me in Heaven.  Then in 1997, I brought my car to a mechanic.  He quickly repaired the car and then he began to tell me about his Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.  He assured me that, no matter how good I was in man’s eyes, to God I was a lost sinner in desperate need of a Saviour.  Long story short, my wife and I trusted Christ for our salvation soon afterward.  The Lord immediately put in me a great hunger to know His Word and I began to study the Bible every free moment I had.

We at Right Division Too love learning and sharing the Holy Scriptures, and I pray that our Lord would so completely hide each of us behind His glorious Word that every reader would receive only His truth and never our opinions.  Be blessed as you glean from this ministry.

Maria Warner-Dowrich


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This is the RDT team to see the article just prior to publication. We try to detect and correct any errors in the articles.

Angela Powell

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Ava Warner


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