Online Bibles and Bible study tools to help with your study and discussions. 

Bible Gateway

Blue letter Bible – Some Scripture references on RDT link to this site.

Audio Bible

AV 1611 – Most Scripture references on RD link to this site.

Bible Study Tools – A wide variety of study tools are available via this link, such as Greek and Hebrew Lexicon, Multi-translation concordance, dictionaries, Bibles etc.

You Version – This is a Bible application for your phone, tablet and PC.

You can also checkout Google eBook Store to searcher for free books online before purchasing new resources.

New Grace Ambassadors
A ministry of Jesus Christ maintained by members of Grace Ambassadors Bible Fellowship in central Indiana. Their mission is to encourage faithful service to God through the preaching of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery.

New Bible Doctrines to Live By
Their philosophy is to stand without apology as a Fundamental, Bible believing, Mid-Acts Dispensational, Evangelistic ministry. Its primary goal is to work with American churches to reach Americans for Christ. For a fuller understanding of this ministry, please visit their “About Us” page.

Grace Bible Community Church
A Christian ministry located in Newington Connecticut where they rightly divide God’s word. Various resources are available on this site including a video library and live stream Sunday service. The Sunday service and Thursday night Bible study are also available on Facebook via Pastor Rodney’s page

Grace For Today
A Christian ministry located in New York City, whose primary mission field is New York City and the surrounding area in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island, home to some 20 million people.

Berean Bible Society
An organization for the promotion of Bible study

Wielding the Sword of the Spirit
A Web site with Bible articles on a variety of scriptural topics

Through the Bible with Les Feldick
You are taken on a journey through the Bible with Les Feldick via audio and text medium

Les Feldick Bible Study
This is another resource to hear God’s Word rightly divided via Les Feldick’s Bible studies. The site also has a FAQ tab where Bible questions are answered by Les Feldick and you can also submit your own questions. There is also a tab where you can subscribe to have the daily video delivered to your inbox. As a thank you for subscribing, you have access to eBooks for the Bible studies and can download them. Neat!

Christian Classics Etheral Library (CCEL)
This resource was given to me by one of our members, Pastor Joe Torres, to view a book that is out of print so I am passing it on to the group. The mission of CCEL is to build up the church by making classic Christian writings available and promoting their use. This mission statement was taken directly from their Web site.

Right Division Videos
From some of the Two Minutes with the Bible and The Berean Searchlight articles

Growing Up In Grace
Bible lessons for Church, home schools, and family devotions

GraceLife Ministries by Mark McGee
This site has links to GraceLife blog, grace churches, emails, conferences, hymns, GraceLife books and Bible studies

Enjoy The Bible
This site contains information on Bible studies, literature, videos, audios, quarterly updates for the ministry, their Bible Institute, a timeline chart, etc.

I’m glad you asked…
Is a blog by Pastor Ron Knight who preaches God’s Word rightly divided from a Pauline, mid-Acts, dispensational grace viewpoint.

Welcome to Grace
In addition to Bible studies, forums and other resources, this site has weekly sermons by Pastor Curt Crist featured on YouTube.

***If you would like to add resources to this site, leave a comment or contact the Webmaster with the information.

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