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The Team

Meet the team:

Angela Powell (Camera shy)


When I was a child, my mom made sure my brother, sister and I went to church every Sunday.  So I grew up with a “head” knowledge of Jesus Christ and I never doubted that He existed or that He is the Son of God.  During that time, though, I never answered an altar call or got baptized with water.  Somewhere around the age of 13 or 14, I stopped going to church.  About 15 years later, I was living in Pensacola, Florida, where I heard God’s message of grace being taught rightly divided—the message that was given to the Apostle Paul by the risen Lord Jesus Christ.  I had never heard of “right division” before, but it just made sense.  Even though I did not get saved at that time, I was blessed to have been able to attend a bible study that didn’t mince words when it came to salvation.  What I learned stuck with me and 20 years later (and living in another state) when the Holy Spirit was working on me, I finally realized that all I had to do is believe.  I got saved in November of 2006.

At the time that I was living in Pensacola, I had no idea how far and few between was the existence of churches/bible studies that know the message of Grace rightly divided.  I searched for churches when I got saved and kept coming up empty.  I did briefly attend a local Baptist church, but the messages were rather weak.  It was like having a craving for a steak and all you can get is cotton candy.  So, I did some online searching and discovered Berean Bible Society and its Berean Searchlight magazine.  Through it I learned of a bible conference held annually in Pennsylvania.  It was at that conference that I met Ava and Maria and started participating in a bible study conducted via teleconference.  Through that bible study, I met other brothers and sisters in Christ, most of whom live in Brooklyn.  I had been praying that God would lead me to some like-minded brothers and sister in Christ.  Of course, I was thinking people local to where I live in Maryland; God gave me Brooklyn.  And I thank Him for it!

I pray that this site will lead you to a fuller understanding of the riches we have in Christ.

Ava Warner

Photo by Malcolm Welch

I am a member of the wonderful Body of Christ, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend and technology enthusiast. I have worked in the Medical (USAF), Insurance (Private) and IT (Private) industries for numerous years with varying degrees and awards in each field. My true passion, outside of studying the Word of God, is technology and learning new things in the field. I came to Christ during one of my tours in the Air Force and could you guess it was in the Middle East, nothing is impossible for God.

Since returning to the States, I attended a Baptist church and rose in the ranks to being a trustee; however, something was missing so I looked for another church to attend. Again, I attended another Baptist church and stayed there for about 10 years, but yet again, something was missing. Then I heard Dennis Kiszonas of Grace For Today radio program in NYC and boy did my life take a 360° turn. My sister and I embarked on a year and a half long Bible study rightly dividing God’s Word (2 Tim. 2:15), a Bible study that was supposed to be six-weeks long; isn’t God wonderful. After studying the Bible in its right division, I cannot sit through a sermon/study that mixes law and grace…my mind just won’t let me concentrate on what is being said as I would argue with the speaker in my mind. That Bible study was in 2001 and I have been attending service, Bible studies and conferences where God’s Word is rightly divided ever since.

I pray you too would come to know God’s Word rightly divided through this site, and the resources that are listed in the Resource section.

James Copeland

(Bible Teacher/Contributor/Planning)
Self Photo

My name is James Copeland and I worked in the Brooklyn Supreme Court as a senior court officer until my retirement in 2007 after 35 years of service. As a youngster I attended church, but not on a regular basis. Even then I knew that GOD existed; I just did not know him.

At the urging of a friend, I joined a Baptist church and was baptized; this was my second time being baptized as I was told I was baptized as a child (do not remember). At that time my mother was attending an apostolic church pastored by her cousin, Pastor James (female). I started attending the same church to cut down on traveling time. I became vice-president of the youth department and worked closely with Sister Pat, the president, who was shortly called home to glory by the Lord.

Minister Moore (with fifty years in ministry), who was Pat’s father, along with his wife began attending the church. It was here that the LORD used Minister Moore to take me under his wings and teach me to study the word. I studied under him for a year and was ordained a deacon in the year 2000.

The teachings of the apostolic church were signs and wonders. Many of the members spoke in tongues and the bulk of the teachings were from the four gospels. I found nothing wrong with the teaching except I could not speak in tongues.

I wanted to leave the church and I wanted directions from the lord of what or where I should go. Minster Moore and I started attending a grace Bible study at the YMCA in Brooklyn, NY taught by Brother Leon. It was here that the lord opened my understanding about the awesome message of grace according to the Pauline Epistles “rightly divided – 2 Tim. 2:15”. Later minister Moore organized a church in Brooklyn where we began to teach the grace message. Soon afterward minister Moore retired to North Carolina and I took over the teaching duties. The message of grace has been such a blessing because it has taught me who I am in Christ. I have been teaching the grace message for the last 10 years. With the arm of the LORD around me, I hope to continue to teach this awesome message of grace.

Judy Codrington


Our beloved sister, Judy, went home to be with the Lord on 26 November, 2014. She will always be missed and remembered for being a part of the RD Planning Team, the team that created RDT as well as the Monday night prayer session team leader.

Malcolm Welch

Self Photo

My name is Malcolm Aubrey Welch I am a retired freelance photographer, attend Grace Bible Church located in Brooklyn NY, I am also an active member of Right Division; a group of like-minded believers who get together several evenings each week by phone for bible study, prayers meetings, and open forum where we discuss current events of the week. We teach how to truly appreciate and understand the Bible living in this dispensation of the grace of God.

As a baby Christian I knew that something was still missing in my Christian life. I was confused, was being tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine and then one Sunday morning as I was having a cup of coffee in my car the Lord directed me to turn my radio to WMCA. There I heard this message that Christ paid for all my sins in FULL:  past, present and future with no condemnation against me. Also, He loves me; I can call Him Daddy, Father and Abba. I knew that the Lord wanted me to hear this message.

Today I believe that we must not be ashamed to rightly divide His Word as 2 Timothy 2:15 directs us.

Maria Warner-Dowrich

Photo by Malcolm Welch

My name is Maria Warner-Dowrich.  I am a member of – the body of Christ, Grace Bible Church, the Right Division (RD) community, Right Division Too (RDT) website since its creation in May, 2009, part of the Planning Team of RD & RDT and a Contract Administrator for the American Federation of Musicians (“AFM”) a musicians’ union. Prior to joining the Federation, I worked in the field of cosmetology for over thirty years as a Licensed Cosmetologist/Instructor. Via teleconferencing, I facilitate an open forum discussion – “Building the Body”, one of the many facets of Right Division’s weekly events for sharing God’s word.

For many years I attended a Bible believing Baptist Church along with my two sisters and my mother.  Throughout that journey there always seemed to be something missing, a part of God’s word that was not being revealed.  I saw it but, did not have the understanding to put it into its proper place. During our Bible studies I had numerous questions that were not being answered, at least to my satisfaction.  There was the proverbial “beating around the bush” so to speak to give a fitting answer, which left a stirring in my Spirit that I could not understand.

As I continue to read and study God’s word, I found many differences, not contradictions as many would have you to believe (1 Corinthians 14:33 – God is not the author of confusion…) but, because I remained diligent in His word, He gave me the answer.

One day, I literally cried out to the Lord to help me to understand what was going on with and in His word through the urging of the Holy Spirit. That’s when He (the Holy Spirit) led me to the Christian radio program called “Grace For Today”.  As I listened intently to the speaker, Pastor Dennis Kiszonas, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  My questions were being answered, of course not all at once but, I now had something solid to go on.

My sisters, my mother and I began attending a Bible study with Grace For Today and Pastor Dennis, as He’s affectionately referred to. The key that opened the word was 2 Timothy 2:15, (Be diligent (study) to present yourselves approved unto God, …) this I was doing but, without a teacher (the Ethiopian Eunuch said to Philip, Acts 8:30-31) who knows how to rightly divide God’s word, I would have been left with the same misinterpretation and misunderstanding of Scripture that I was raised in and that most of Christiandom is rooted in today.

The Lord has blessed me and many other brothers and sisters richly, knowing His word rightly divided and appropriating His numerous blessings correctly in this dispensation we call grace.  We do not have to second guess how He deals with His people in this age, or question whether or not we have eternal security, or where we are going after this earthly journey has ended for we have His full assurance when He died on the cross and arose from the grave for you and me. You see He “finished” it all at Calvary…we have nothing to do but believe, 1 Corinthians 15: 3-4.

Apart from the Lord’s spiritual blessings, He has greatly blessed me with the gift(s) of marriage, mother-hood and also grandmother-hood and has given me the passion for writing Christian poetry. Of all the passions for the things of God my greatest passion is glorifying God as I share His gospel of grace with others in its right division. It is truly a blessing when someone gets it, when the confused look is replaced by sheer delight…the veil has been taken away.

May this out-reach of Right Division Too be a true blessing to all who view this site.

Glory to God!

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